Enhance your skin with our rehydrating Hydro Beauty Gel Mask.

We use the finest natural ingredients, giving you instantly hydrated skin.


Jennesis work with salons and spas to bring this product to the end user.

We aspire to bring the best skin products from around the world to our company product line.

"Product Guaranteed ; No Alcohol. No Artificial Pigment. No Fragrance."


Jennesis Hydro Gel Mask

What's so great about our hydro gel face mask?

• Hydrating & Lightening

• Moisturizing & Repairing

• Slows Down Aging

• Deep Penetrating Action

How to apply the hydro gel face mask?

Here is a step-by-step guide, click below to find out more.



"Thanks to JENNESIS , not only have I removed my dark eye circles, acne and eye bags, my skin looks more moisturised and appears healthier and brighter." 

Suzanne Wong, Socialite

"Due to the skin problem, I was constantly upset. But after using JENNESIS, I feel both sentimental and sexy with this hydrating face mask."

Emma Tan, Model 

"I am very happy with the JENNESIS result. The problem that I had before is now gone. Now my friends keep asking me what's my secret!"

Karen Lim, Spa Owner